Mathanga /Pumpkin Payasam

Pumpkin is actually a vegetable with which you can make a varieties of currys. But you can also make a sweet dish with it. Try this pradhaman.

Pumpkin Payasam- kerala dishes


  1. Pumpkin        1kg
  2. Jaggery 500gm
  3. Ghee – 50gm
  4. Coconut – 1
  5. Cahew – As required
  6. Cardamon – 5


  • Clean and cut the Pumpkin into small pieces. Boil and mash with a spatula.
  • Add a glass of water to the jaggery and heat to make a solution.
  • Add to the pumpkin pieces and cook .
  • Take out coconut milk and separate the first and second milk.
  • To the cooked pumpkin add 2 glasses of second milk and cook well.
  • When required consistency is achieved add half glass of first milk and remove from heat before it boils.
  • Fry cashew in ghee and add to it. Also add the cardamom powder and serve hot or cold.

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