Unnakaya (Malabar Recipe)

Unnakaya is a traditional snack very popular among the Malabar Keralites. It is a rich food with the ripe Nendran,Ghee, cashew etc. It has two versions using egg and as well as without egg. Here i am describing the egg less version.


Ripe Nendran 1/2 kg (Around 3)
Coconut 3tbs
Sugar 3tbs
Cardamom Powder 1/2tsp
Cashew Pieces 2tbs
Raisins 2tsp
Ghee 1tsp
Coconut Oil For Frying


Steam the ripe Nendran and mash it into a fine paste.Make it into equal sized balls of ghooseberry size. Fry coconut,sugar,cashew and raisins till slight brown in ghee. Add cardamom powder to it.Mix well.Divide it into equal no of pieces as nendran balls. Take each ball in the hand and press it gently with other hand to make a flattened shape. Put the coconut mixture inside and roll out into the shape of Unnakaya. Deep fry in oil.


If you are very health conscious and do not like too much oil you can shallow fry the Unnakaya in a non stick pan with small quantity of oil. But the original Malabar version is deep frying.

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