Undampori is a sweet dish made of wheat flour,sugar and banana.It is a favourite dish which is mostly seen in the village chaya kada. Here is the method to make the dish.

Wheat Flour               2 cups
Sugar                             1/2 cup
Plantain                        1 (Palayam kodan)
Cardamom Powder  1/4 tsp
Dry coconut pieces   3tsp
Baking Soda                  1/4 tsp
Water                               As required
Coconut oil


Mix baking soda and wheat flour together.Smash the banana along with the sugar.Add this to the flour.Mix thoroughly.Add  a little water and knead the dough soft and fluffy.Add the coconut pieces finely chopped.Cover with a wet cloth and and keep the flour aside to ferment.After 2-3 hours the dough would have fermented properly.Now make balls of required size and deep fry in coconut oil.Remove from oil when the outside layer is dark brown in colour.

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