Kozhukatta is an evening sanck which is very sweet and does not contain any oil.It is steamed in a steamer and is a healthy food. 

Rice Flour                  250gm
Jaggery                       200gm
Scraped Coconut    11/2 cup
Cardamom                 3
Dried Ginger             1tsp
Water                           As per requirement
Salt                               As per taste

Grate the jaggery.Boil half a cup water and put the jaggery in it and bring to a boil.Strain through a strainer.Add coconut to it and let the water evaporate by placing on the flame and add the cardamom powder and dry ginger powder.Remove from  heat.To the rice flour add some salt and boiled water.Mix it well and make lemon sized balls out of it.Flatten it slightly and place the jaggery coconut mixture in the middle.Again make it round and steam in a steamer.

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