Coconut burfi is a sweet snack which is simple and easy to prepare and liked by the coconut is the method to prepare it.


Scraped Coconut 2cups
Sugar 2cups
cardamom Powder 1tbs
Ghee 2tbs
Cashew/Raisins As per taste

Coarsly grind the coconut in a mixie.Add 1/2 glass of water to a hot pan and add the sugar.Let it boil and when the sugar is completely dissolved add the coconut to it and mix well.Add some ghee and powdered cardamom to it.When the sugar syrup is completely absorbed into the coconut put off the flame.Remove the contents in to a greased tray.Fry the cashew ,raisins in ghee and spread over it.Cut into desired shape and take out when cooled.

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