Chakka (Jack Fruit) Varattiyathu

In this Jackfruit we can preserve the jackfruit for the next season.Chakka Varattiyathu is a favourite recipe for the kids.This can be eaten along with bread ,chappathi or any item of your desire.We can also make payasam or ada using this.Here is the recipe for making this sweet dish.

Jackfruit(Chakka) 1kg
Jaggery(Sharkara) 200gm
Ghee 5tbs
Cardamom Powder 1tsp
Jeera Powder 1tsp
Dry ginger(Chukku) 1tsp


Seperate the seeds from the ripe jackfruit pieces.Run the pieces through a mixer and grind it.To half glass of water add the jaggery powder and boil.When it melts remove from flame and when cold pass through a strainer.This helps to remove the imputities in the jaggery.Now place a hard bottom pan over the stove (Preferably an Uruli).Add the jackfruit pieces to it add ghee drop by drop in frequent intervals and stir continuously.Add jaggery juice to it.Keep on stirring till all the water is evaporated.Now add the powders to it and mix well.Remove from heat.Let it cool.Do not close the vessel till it is completely cold. Store in air tight containers

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