Aval Vilayichathu


Aval(Rice Flakes)    1cup
Coconut Pieces         2tbs
Seasame seeds          2 tbs
Scraped Coconut     1/2 cup
Jaggery                       1cup
Water                            1cup
Ghee                              2tbs
Cashewnut                  2tbs
Cardamom Powder  1/4tsp
Add water to the jaggery and bring to boil.Strain through a sieve and keep aside.In a pan add the ghee and fry the sesame seeds coconut piecesand cashewnut pieces.Mix jaggery solution and scraped coconut and heat it till it thickens.Remove from heat.Put the rice flakes to it and mix well along with cardamom powder.Add all other ingredients to it.Remove from the heat and let it cool.

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