Raw rice flour 1cup
Maida Flour 1cup
Sugar 3tbs
Coconut Milk 2cups
Egg white 1
Salt A pinch
Sesame seeds 1tbs
Oil For frying


Mix the flour together and add salt.Beat the egg and sugar.Add this to the flour.Add the coconut milk and stir.The dough should be similar to dosa consistency.Add the sesame seeds.Heat the oil in a pan.Dip the Acchappam mould in it till red hot.Dip the mould upto 3/4th in the batter.Dip in the oil.Pat slightly.The acchappam will seperate from the mould.Fry and remove from oil.Repeat the same till the batter is over.

Always remember to place hot mould over the batter and to dip only 3/4th of the mould.

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