Ada Payasam/Ada Pradhaman

Ada 50g
Jaggery 150g
Coconut milk 250ml
Raisins 25g
Cashew nuts 25g
Ghee 50ml
Cardamom powder 2tbs
Coconut ¼ cup

Boil the ada and remove the water. Boil the jaggery with some water and make a syrup. Strain through a strainer. Coconut milk is to be extracted in two stages.First extract a cup of milk by adding a bit or no water at all.Keep it aside.Again extract the juice by adding some water to it.keep both the milk separately.Fry the cashews,raisins and sliced coconut pieces in ghee.Remove them and keep aside.To the ghee add the ada and add the jaggery juice.Cook it well.Add the second coconut milk to it. Cook till the payasam is of right consistency.Now add the thick coconut milk to it and put off the flame as and when it begins to boil.Add the cardamom powder and fried ingredients to the payasam and serve.

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