Mutton Khurma


Mutton Pieces            1kg
Coriander Powder     2tbs
Chilly Powder              1tsp
Turmeric Powder       1/2tsp
savala(Big onion)       2 small
Green chilly                  10Nos
Ginger                              2 medium pieces
Garlic                               10 pieces
Garam Masala              1tbs
Pepper Cones               2tsp
Kaskas                             2tsp
Vinegar                           2tsp

 Coconut milk             1cup
Cashewnut paste        3tbs
Oil                                     To fry
Salt                                  To taste
Curry Leaves
Heat  oil in a pan and fry the curry powders,garam masala,cut onion pieces,Kaskas,ginger,garlic and green chilly pieces.Grind the ingredients into a paste.To the mutton pieces add the ground paste,salt ,vinegar,1 cup water and cook in a cooker.
When cooked open the lid and add the cashew paste and coconut milk.Again boil for 7-10 minutes.When the gravy is thick add the curry leaves   and  re move from heat.

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