Kozhi Porichathu (Chicken Porichathu)

kozhi porichathu
Chicken Poricahthu is a favourite item for the chicken lovers. Here is a simple but tasty recipe that you can try at home.



1.Chicken 150-180 gms
2.Chilly Powder 3tsp
3.Turmeric Powder 1/2tsp
4.Egg 1
5.Ginger 3” piece
6.Garlic 15
7.Coriander Leaves 10
8.Pudina ½ cup
9.Green Chillies 5
10.Curd 3tbsp
11.Garam masala 1tbsp
12.Lime ½
13.Salt As required
14.Methi leaves A pinch
15.Food Colour A pinch
16.Vinegar ½ tsp
17.Curry leaves 10 strings
18.Oil For deep frying

Wash the chicken along with salt. Add vinegar and marinate for 10 minutes. Slightly saute in oil for 5 minutes and keep aside. Grind ingredients 2-15 using 1 tsp oil. Marinate to the chicken and keep aside for 11/2- 2 hrs. Deep fry in oil. Add some curry leaves also while frying . Serve hot.

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