MUTTON STEW (Malabar Style)

Mutton is an all time favourite of the Non vegetarians all over the world.It is easy to cook and tasty to eat.Here iam presenting a stew that is easy to make and delicious to eat.Coconut milk is the attraction of this dish.Since it is not too spicy children will love its taste.The stew goes well with Pathiri,Appam,Puttu,Chappathi or even bread.


Mutton 1/2kg
Big Onion 150 gm
Potato 200 gm
Ginger 1 Big piece
Garlic 12-15 Nos
Green Chilly 7 Nos
Coconut 1
Vinegar 2 Tsp
Garam Masala 11/2 tsp
Maida/Corn flour 2tsp
Pepper Powder 1tsp(crushed)
Coriander Powder 1 tsp
Chilly Powder 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves
Oil For seasoning
Salt To taste


Take out milk from the coconut.Keep aside the 1st milk.To the remaining 3 cups of milk add the mutton pieces.Cook in a pressure cooker along with green chillies,vinegar and salt.When half cooked add potatoes .Saught the onion pieces,ginger pieces and garlic pieces lightly.Add the pepper powder,coriander powder, chilly powder and garam masala powder to it.Add the cooked mutton pieces to it.Cook for about 5 minutes.Add the maida flour mixed with water to the meat.When thoroughly mixed and water is just right add the first cocnut milk.When the dish just boils remove from heat.If required you can add fried raisins and cashews to the dish which enhances the taste.It goes well with chappathi.appam,pathiri etc.

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