Coconut chutney is a good combination for Dosa, idly or Oothappams. This version is exclusively used as a side dish for breakfast. The chutney/Chammanthy for Kanji or rice differs from this. Now have a look at this recipe.

Kerala Coconut Chutney

Kerala Coconut Chutney


Scraped coconut – 1cup
Green Chilly – 2
Ginger – A small Piece
Onion(Ulli) – 3
Curry Leaves – 1spring
Salt – As required
Mustard Seeds – 1/4 tsp
Whole Red Chilly – 2
Oil -For seasoning
Water – For grinding

Method Of Preparation
Grind Coconut,Ginger,Green Chillies and an Onion together with salt and water. In a pan add oil and heat.Season with mustard,whole red chillies,cut onion pieces and curry leaves. Put off the flame and add the ground paste to it.Adjust water according to your taste.You can also use red chilly powder instead of Green chilly.This gives a red coloured Chuney.For seasoning you can also use some urad dal if required.

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