Kozhukatta is an evening sanck which is very sweet and does not contain any oil.It is steamed in a steamer and is a healthy food.  Ingredients Rice Flour                  250gm Jaggery                       200gm Scraped Coconut    11/2 cup Cardamom                 3 Dried Ginger             1tsp Water                           As per requirement Salt                               As per taste Method Grate the jaggery.Boil half a cup […]


Appam is an important breakfast food of the keralites.Rice appam with chan dal,stew(veg or non veg) is a great combination to have.It is prepared by fermenting rice,coconut water,yeast etc. Kallappam is an another version of the same inwhich toddy is used for fermentation instead of yeast and sugar. Raw rice                       11/2cup Cooked rice                 1/2cup Coconut                          1/2 Dry […]