Ilaneer/ Tender Coconut Juice

Ilaneer juice is a quick refreshing drink that keeps you healthy as well as energetic. It can be made at home with ease. Just try this. Ingredients Tender Coconut     1 Sugar                          As per taste Vanilla Ice cream  1 scoop Cashew pieces […]

Ilaneer Payasam

Tender coconut 15 Jaggery 600gm Coconut 2 Jeera Powder 1/4tsp Ghee 100gm Cardamom Powder 1/2tsp Cashew,Raisins 100gm Honey 50ml Condensed Milk 25ml Coconut water 2 glass _ Scrap the tender coconut and grind coarsely with the coconut water.Take out milk from the coconut. Take 1 cup first milk,2cups second milk and 3 cups third milk. […]