Fish Fry / Meen Varuthathu

This is how we at home fry the fish in the traditional way.There are many other versions of the same but the easy and traditional way is as follows. Ingredients Fish 3 Chilly Powder 1 Tsp Turmeric Powder ¼ Tbsp Salt As required Coconut Oil To fry Curry Leaves 2 Strings Method Clean the fish. […]

Chemmen (prawns)Thoran

Clean and cook chemmeen with water,salt,a piece of ginger,green chillies,curry leaves,a bit turmeric powder and kudampuli(optional).When it has been cooked and no water left add scraped coconut along with chilly powder.Saught a little and remove from heat.Heat a cheenachatty add coconut oil put some mustard seeds, crushed small onion,curry leaves and dry chillies cut into […]

Fried Masala Fish

ngredients Sear fish darned (Sliced on the bone) 1 Crushed pepper corn 5 g Ginger 3 g Garlic 3 g Green Chilli 3 g Chilli powder 2 g Turmeric powder 2 g Curry leaves 1 sprig Lime 1 Coconut oil 50 ml Egg ½ Salt To taste Onion 1 Salad cucumber 50 g Carrot 50 […]

Karimeen mappas

Karimeen (Pearl spot) 200 gm Coconut Half a coconut Coconut oil 50 ml Mustard 5 gms Curry leaves to taste Shallots-sliced 30 gms Ginger-sliced 10 gms Garlic-sliced 10 gms Green Chillies Split 10 gms Vinegar 10 ml Salt to taste Ground Paste Dry chillies 5 gms Coriander 10 gms Shallots 2 gms Ginger 5 gms […]