Ada is an evening snack which is healthy and nutricious. The fact that it is steamed makes it more appreciable. Ingredients Raw rice flour(Fried) 1 cup Nendran 1 Jaggery ½ cup Scraped Coconut 1 cup Cardamom Powder ½ tsp Salt As required Boiling water To knead flour Method To the rice flour add salt and […]

Adapradhaman Onam Sadya

Ingredients Ada 100gm Jaggery 500g Coconut 2 Raisins 10 Cashew nuts 10 Ghee 3tbs Cardamom powder 1tbs Coconut Pieces 1/4cup   Method 1 Cook the ada and wash it in cold water and remove the water. 2. Make syrup with jaggery, water and strain through a muslin cloth. 3. Add the ada to the syrup […]