Sukhiyan or Modakam is an evening snack which is loved by sweet lovers.It is rich in protein since cherupayar is used for the preparation.


Green Gram(Cherupayar)             1/4kg
Jaggery                                                 150gm
Coconut  (grated)                             11/2cup
Cardamom Powder                          1tsp
Rice Flour                                            1cup
Maida Flour|                                       1cup
Oil                                                            To Fry
Salt                                                          A Pinch


Cook the green gram in a cooker with about 2 cups of water.Cook untill no water is left.The cherupayar should be completely dry.In a pan take 1/4 glass water and put the grated jaggery to it.Place over a stove and boil.Strain the mixture through a sieve to remove the impurites in it.In a pan add the jaggery juice and grated coconut .Bring to a boil.Now add the cooked cherupayar and cardamom powder to it.Make it dry fry.Remove from heat.When it is cooled make small balls with the mix. Mix rice and maida flour together with a little water so that you get a thick batter.Add salt to it. Dip each ball in the batter & deep fry.

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