Kappalndi/Kadala Mithai(Peanut Candy)


Peanut                            1cup
Jaggery                          1/2 cup
Cardamom Powder   1tbs
Ghee                                 For greasing the tray
Water                               2tbs

Roast the peanut in  low flame untill the skin peels out.When it cools spread over a  soft cloth and rub in between your hands to remove the peels. Coarsely grind the peanuts to make then into half bits.Keep it aside.Keep a greased tray ready so that we can pour the final product in it.In a pan add two tbs of water  add the powdered jaggery to it.Stir well.When bubble comes in the pan add cardamom powder to it.Stir it well and add the peanut to it. Remove from heat.Directly pour into the greased tray.Just as it settles cut in to desired shape.It  takes some time to become thick.At this stage you can take out the candy.

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