Kalathappam is an evening tea time snack prepared usually among the Malabar Muslims in Kerala.Usually the snack is prepared with jaggery and is sweet.It can also be prepared without jaggery and can be served with any dish.


Raw rice 1glass
Jaggery 100gms
Coconut oil 4tsp
Baking soda A pinch
Salt A pinch
Rice 1/4 glass
Coconut Pieces 1tbs
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Small Onion 5
cardamom Powder 1tsp

Soak the raw rice in water for three hours.Grind together thye soaked rice,cooked rice and jeera together.To this add the salt and baking soda.Keep it aside.In half cup water melt the jagger and strain through a strainer to remove the impurites.Add this to the rice water.Mix the cardamom powder.the batter shoud be as thick as idly batter.In a hot pan add the coconut oil.Fry coconut pieces and cut onion pieces till golden brown.In a greased plate add the fried ingredients and over that add the rice batter.steam this over a steamer or cooker.Or you can directly seasoncoconut pieces and onion pieces in a cooker and add the batter and cook.You can close the cooker and without weight steam for 2 minutes in high flame and then 5 minutes in low flame.Open when cooled and cut into pieces.

Coconut pieces 1tsp

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