Manga Pachadi Video Recipe

      Manga pachadi   

Mathanga /Pumpkin Payasam

Pumpkin is actually a vegetable with which you can make a varieties of currys. But you can also make a sweet dish with it. Try this pradhaman. Ingredients Pumpkin        1kg Jaggery 500gm Ghee – 50gm Coconut – 1 Cahew – As required Cardamon – 5 Method Clean and cut the Pumpkin into […]

Beetroot Pachadi

Those who says beetroot is sweet and avoid from eating it can try this recipe. Ingredients Beetroot 2 Scraped Coconut ½ cup Curd ½ cup Mustard seeds 1 tsp Coconut oil 3tsp Whole red chillies 3 Curry leaves 2 strings Salt As per taste Method Scrape the Beetroot.Make a fine paste of coconut and  mustard […]

Gothambu Payasam (Brokenwheat Payasam) Onam Sadya

Payasam or dessert is a sweet dish which is liked by all.We can use different ingredents to prepare payasam.Here we can try broken wheat payasam.It is one of the sweet dish for the Vishu.Try out and taste it.Here is the simple recipe to prepare  it. Ingredients Broken Wheat            150gms Jaggery […]

Inji Curry/Ginger Curry Onam Sadya

Ingredients:- Ginger grated     -100gm Grated coconut – 3/4 cup Coconut Oil        -To fry Pepper corns    -1/4tsp Tamarind           -Gooseberry sized Grated Jaggery     -1/2 tsp Salt                        – To taste Turmeric powder – 1/2 […]

Kerala Avial Onam Sadya

Ingredients Yam 100gm Ash Gourd 200gm Raw Banana 1 Bringal(Green) 1 Drum Stick 2 Achinga Payar 6 Carrot 1(small) Green Chilliy 6 Coconut ½ Curd 1/2cup Turmeric powder 1/4tsp Chilly Powder 1/4tsp Cumin Seeds 1/2tsp Coconut  oil 3tbs Curry leaves 2 stick Salt To Taste Method Cut all the ingredients lengthwise to around 11/2 cm […]