Paal Payasam

Paal Payasam or Rice Kheer is a Kerala Dessert made with sugar,milk and Raw rice. Usually it is prepared during Festive occasions.The Payasam will be slight pink in colour since it is cooked with Unakkalari in milk with slow flame.               Ingredients Unakal Ari(Raw rice for Payasam)-200gm Milk   […]

Mathanga /Pumpkin Payasam

Pumpkin is actually a vegetable with which you can make a varieties of currys. But you can also make a sweet dish with it. Try this pradhaman. Ingredients Pumpkin        1kg Jaggery 500gm Ghee – 50gm Coconut – 1 Cahew – As required Cardamon – 5 Method Clean and cut the Pumpkin into […]

Carrot Payasam

Carrot is a good source of VitaminA. It can be used to make different curries,halwa etc. Here is a simple recipe to make carrot payasam. Ingredients Carrot 250gms Milk 1 litre Sugar 200 gm Ghee 3tbs Milkmaid 5tbs Cashew,Raisins As required  Method Scrape the carrot. Boil milk and reduce the quantity to around 700 ml. […]

Ilaneer Payasam

Tender coconut 15 Jaggery 600gm Coconut 2 Jeera Powder 1/4tsp Ghee 100gm Cardamom Powder 1/2tsp Cashew,Raisins 100gm Honey 50ml Condensed Milk 25ml Coconut water 2 glass _ Scrap the tender coconut and grind coarsely with the coconut water.Take out milk from the coconut. Take 1 cup first milk,2cups second milk and 3 cups third milk. […]

Adapradhaman Onam Sadya

Ingredients Ada 100gm Jaggery 500g Coconut 2 Raisins 10 Cashew nuts 10 Ghee 3tbs Cardamom powder 1tbs Coconut Pieces 1/4cup   Method 1 Cook the ada and wash it in cold water and remove the water. 2. Make syrup with jaggery, water and strain through a muslin cloth. 3. Add the ada to the syrup […]

Gothambu Payasam (Brokenwheat Payasam) Onam Sadya

Payasam or dessert is a sweet dish which is liked by all.We can use different ingredents to prepare payasam.Here we can try broken wheat payasam.It is one of the sweet dish for the Vishu.Try out and taste it.Here is the simple recipe to prepare  it. Ingredients Broken Wheat            150gms Jaggery […]

Ada Payasam/Ada Pradhaman

Ingredients Ada 50g Jaggery 150g Coconut milk 250ml Raisins 25g Cashew nuts 25g Ghee 50ml Cardamom powder 2tbs Coconut ¼ cup Method Boil the ada and remove the water. Boil the jaggery with some water and make a syrup. Strain through a strainer. Coconut milk is to be extracted in two stages.First extract a cup […]