Idiappam and Egg Roast

idiappam egg roast

Idiappam is a popular Kerala breakfast made of rice flour.The flour is pressed in to noodle form and steamed.Since it is oil free it serves as a healthy breakfast.It can be served with any side dish or can use scraped coconut and sugar as side dish.Here i suggest Egg Roast which is a good combination […]

Kerala Appam and Chicken Stew

Appam is a popular breakfast among the Keralites. Appam can be prepared with or without using yeast.We can use toddy instead of yeast.Then we call it Kallappam.The ingredients used are much less but it is an awesome breakfast that you can make out very easily.It goes very well with any side dish as Vegetable/Non Veg […]

Egg Fried Rice

Even though Fried Rice is not a typical Kerala meal now most of the Malayalis often try this at home. There are many variants of this dish as you can use only vegetables and make  Veg fried rice or use Chicken pieces and make chicken fried rice or a mixed one with many sea food […]

Soft Chappathi

Every body is well aware of making chappatis. But sometimes it becomes too hard to eat. Here is a method to make soft Chappathis with out any oil in it. Ingredients Atta (wheat flour) 150gm Potato 1 medium sized Salt As per taste Water As required Method Boil the potato and smash it into paste.Add […]


Pathiri is a traditional food of the Muslims of kerala.There are many versions of pathiri using rice flour,wheat flour etc.Here is the recipe of the rice pathiri. Ingredients Rice flour           11/2 cup Water                  2 cups Salt                      As per taste Coconut oil      1tsp Method Boil the water.Add salt.To the boiling water add the rice flour and […]

Kozhi Pidi

Kozhi Pidi is a very delicious recipe used in the middle and northern kerala. In malayalam, kozhi means chicken and pidi is small rice balls. In short rice balls are cooked with chicken curry in  coconut milk. Ingredients Chicken 250kg Coconut 1 Big Onion 3 Green Chillies 7-8 Ginger Garlic Paste 1tsp Chilly Powder 1tsp […]