Kerala Coconut Chutney

Coconut chutney is a good combination for Dosa, idly or Oothappams. This version is exclusively used as a side dish for breakfast. The chutney/Chammanthy for Kanji or rice differs from this. Now have a look at this recipe. Ingredients Scraped coconut – 1cup Green Chilly – 2 Ginger – A small Piece Onion(Ulli) – 3 […]

Idiappam and Egg Roast

idiappam egg roast

Idiappam is a popular Kerala breakfast made of rice flour.The flour is pressed in to noodle form and steamed.Since it is oil free it serves as a healthy breakfast.It can be served with any side dish or can use scraped coconut and sugar as side dish.Here i suggest Egg Roast which is a good combination […]

Kerala Appam and Chicken Stew

Appam is a popular breakfast among the Keralites. Appam can be prepared with or without using yeast.We can use toddy instead of yeast.Then we call it Kallappam.The ingredients used are much less but it is an awesome breakfast that you can make out very easily.It goes very well with any side dish as Vegetable/Non Veg […]

Sulaimani Tea Recipe (Malabar Black tea)

Sulaimani Tea

Sulaimani Tea is a popular black tea in Malabar. Even some hotels serve sulaimani tea after Biriyani. In the recent malayalam  film Ustad Hotel, the taste of Sulaimani has been beautifully shown. It is black tea prepared light by adding the following ingredients. Ingredients  1. Tea powder- add little less than the normal black tea. […]

Kappa/ Tapioca Puttu

Kappa is an all time favourite of the Keralites and can be prepared in different ways and with different taste. It is a rich source of carbohydrates. Here is a puttu which you can make with raw kappa.

Soft Chappathi

Every body is well aware of making chappatis. But sometimes it becomes too hard to eat. Here is a method to make soft Chappathis with out any oil in it. Ingredients Atta (wheat flour) 150gm Potato 1 medium sized Salt As per taste Water As required Method Boil the potato and smash it into paste.Add […]

Soft Idly

Here i suggest a method to make soft idlys  at home. Ingredients Raw rice 1cup Urad Dal 1 /3cup Puffed Rice 2 Hands full Fenugreek Seeds ¼ tsp Salt As per taste Water As required Gingely Oil AS required Method Wash and soak the raw rice , urad dal and fenugreek seeds in luke warm […]


Appam is an important breakfast food of the keralites.Rice appam with chan dal,stew(veg or non veg) is a great combination to have.It is prepared by fermenting rice,coconut water,yeast etc. Kallappam is an another version of the same inwhich toddy is used for fermentation instead of yeast and sugar. Raw rice                       11/2cup Cooked rice                 1/2cup Coconut                          1/2 Dry […]

Tapioca/Kappa Puttu

Kappa or Tapioca is an all time favourite of the Keralites.Kappa pieces can be eaten raw.It can be dried and many favourites items can be made out of it.Kappa can be cooked in different ways.It can be simply cut and cooked with salt known a “Kappa Puzhingiyathu” or “Chendu”.Here iam presenting two cooked varients of […]

MUTTON STEW (Malabar Style)

Mutton is an all time favourite of the Non vegetarians all over the world.It is easy to cook and tasty to eat.Here iam presenting a stew that is easy to make and delicious to eat.Coconut milk is the attraction of this dish.Since it is not too spicy children will love its taste.The stew goes well […]