Mutton Biriyani


Sulaimani Tea Recipe (Malabar Black tea)

Sulaimani Tea

Sulaimani Tea is a popular black tea in Malabar. Even some hotels serve sulaimani tea after Biriyani. In the recent malayalam  film Ustad Hotel, the taste of Sulaimani has been beautifully shown. It is black tea prepared light by adding the following ingredients. Ingredients  1. Tea powder- add little less than the normal black tea. […]

Fish Biriyani

A perfect biriyani by the seafood. All non-vegetarians will love the taste of it. Just try this at home.

Egg Fried Rice

Even though Fried Rice is not a typical Kerala meal now most of the Malayalis often try this at home. There are many variants of this dish as you can use only vegetables and make  Veg fried rice or use Chicken pieces and make chicken fried rice or a mixed one with many sea food […]

Ghee Rice (Malabar Style)

Ingredients Khaima Rice 4 cup Cinnamon 1” 3 sticks Cloves 6 Cardamom 4 Ghee 1/2cup Water 8 cups Salt To taste Cashew/Raisins As required Onion 1/2 + 1/2 Coconut  Oil 3/4 cup Method Clean the rice thoroughly and drain the water.Heat 8 glasses of water in a bowl.In another stove heat oil and ghee together […]

Neychor(Ghee Rice)

Ingredients Biriyani rice – 2 cups Ghee                – 5 to 6 tsp Cashew nuts – ½ cup Clove                 – 4 Raisins – ¼ cup Crushed ginger – 1 tsp Crushed garlic – 1 tsp Chopped Green chillies  -2 Lime juice   -2tbs          Onions (sliced) – 2 no. Cardamom – 4 no. Cinnamon – 2 sticks Bay leaves  […]

Ghee Rice (Neychor)

Ingredients Basmati Rice 2cups Onion 1 sliced finely Bay leaves 2 Green Chillies 4 sliced Cadamom 3 Cinnamon sticks 2 Cloves 2 Ghee 1/2 cup Coconut milk 3-31/2cups Salt To taste Cashews,Raisins To garnish Method Wash and drain rice.Keep it aside.Heat ghee in a cooker.Add half of the onion sliced to this and saute for […]

Kappa / Tapioca Biriyani

Kappa or Tapioca is an all time favourite of the Keralites.Kappa pieces can be eaten raw.It can be dried and many delicious items can be prepared from it.Kappa can be cooked in different ways.It can be simply cut and cooked with salt known as “Kappa Puzhingiyathu” or “Chendu”.Here iam presenting two cooked varients of Kappa […]