Sulaimani Tea Recipe (Malabar Black tea)

Sulaimani Tea

Sulaimani Tea is a popular black tea in Malabar. Even some hotels serve sulaimani tea after Biriyani. In the recent malayalam  film Ustad Hotel, the taste of Sulaimani has been beautifully shown. It is black tea prepared light by adding the following ingredients. Ingredients  1. Tea powder- add little less than the normal black tea. […]

Squid(Koonthal) Fry

Squid / Kanava fry is a sea food variant with a difference. Try out this mouth watering recipe. Ingredients Squid 1/2kg Onion  1 large Mustard Seeds A few Ginger 1 large piece Garlic  6-7 pods Green Chilies 5-6 split lengthwise Tomato 1 Red Chilly powder 1/2tsp Coriander Powder 1tsp Turmeric Powder 1/4tsp Pepper Powder 1/4tsp […]


Olan is a curry that is usually included in Onam sadya and it is said that to know the taste of all the sadya dishes it is a must that we taste Olan each time. Here is the recipe for the simple and easy dish. Ingredients Cow pea/Vanpayar – 1/4 cup Ash Gourd – 1.5 […]

Kerala Fish Curry with Coconut

Fish curry is a must in most of the Non vegetarian houses in Kerala. Fish curry along with rice is the favourite combination for the lunch.Fish curry can be cooked in different ways. But fish curry with coconut is the favourite of my family.Here is the recipe of fish curry with coconut and coconut oil. […]