Grape Wine

Grape Wine can be prepared at home. Try this recipe. Ingredients Grapes                1.5kg Sugar                  2.5kg Whole Wheat    250gm  Yeast                  2.5gm Egg white           1 Water                  2.5ltr Method Wash the grapes thoroughly. Keep aside for sometime and wipe the water with a dry cloth. Smash them and place in a storage container. Boil the water and let […]

Muthira Thoran

Ingredients Muthira 100gm Coconut ½ Chilly powder 1tsp Turmeric Powder 1/2tsp Coconut Oil 3tsp Onion 3 Curry Leaves As required Mustard Seeds For Seasoning Salt As per taste Method Fry Muthira in a hot pan. Let it cool and wash well. Pour into a pressure cooker add salt and cook well. Coarsely  grind the coconut […]