Carrot Payasam

Carrot is a good source of VitaminA. It can be used to make different curries,halwa etc. Here is a simple recipe to make carrot payasam. Ingredients Carrot 250gms Milk 1 litre Sugar 200 gm Ghee 3tbs Milkmaid 5tbs Cashew,Raisins As required ┬áMethod Scrape the carrot. Boil milk and reduce the quantity to around 700 ml. […]

Soft Chappathi

Every body is well aware of making chappatis. But sometimes it becomes too hard to eat. Here is a method to make soft Chappathis with out any oil in it. Ingredients Atta (wheat flour) 150gm Potato 1 medium sized Salt As per taste Water As required Method Boil the potato and smash it into paste.Add […]