Kerala Sambar Onam special

Sambar is a healthy dish with the vegetables and dal giving the right nutrition.Here is the recipe for the kerala sambar. Ingredients Sambar Parippu 1cup Drum stick 2 Ash Gourd 150gm Brinjal 2 Potato 1 Tomato 2 Ladies Finger 5 Onion ½ cup Coriander Powder 21/2tbs Chilly Powder 11/2tbs Turmeric Powder 1/4tsp Fenugreek powder 1/2tsp […]

Kalan(Kurukku) Onam Sadya

Kalan is an integral part of the Onasadhya.It is a mixture of the vegetables and curd. Ingredients Elephant Foot Yam 150gm Raw Nendran 2 Coconut 1 Curd 2cups Pepper Powder 2tsp Cumin Seeds 1/2tsp Turmeric Powder 1/2tsp Chilly Powder 1/4tsp Fenugreek 1tsp Mustard Seeds 1tsp Red chillies(whole) 5 Coconut Oil 2tbs Curry Leaves 2 sticks […]

Adapradhaman Onam Sadya

Ingredients Ada 100gm Jaggery 500g Coconut 2 Raisins 10 Cashew nuts 10 Ghee 3tbs Cardamom powder 1tbs Coconut Pieces 1/4cup   Method 1 Cook the ada and wash it in cold water and remove the water. 2. Make syrup with jaggery, water and strain through a muslin cloth. 3. Add the ada to the syrup […]

Aval Vilayichathu

Ingredients Aval(Rice Flakes)    1cup Coconut Pieces         2tbs Seasame seeds          2 tbs Scraped Coconut     1/2 cup Jaggery                       1cup Water                            1cup Ghee                              2tbs Cashewnut                  2tbs Cardamom Powder  1/4tsp Method Add water to the jaggery and bring to boil.Strain through a sieve and keep aside.In a pan add the ghee and fry the sesame seeds coconut piecesand cashewnut pieces.Mix jaggery solution and scraped coconut […]


Kozhukatta is an evening sanck which is very sweet and does not contain any oil.It is steamed in a steamer and is a healthy food.  Ingredients Rice Flour                  250gm Jaggery                       200gm Scraped Coconut    11/2 cup Cardamom                 3 Dried Ginger             1tsp Water                           As per requirement Salt                               As per taste Method Grate the jaggery.Boil half a cup […]


Appam is an important breakfast food of the keralites.Rice appam with chan dal,stew(veg or non veg) is a great combination to have.It is prepared by fermenting rice,coconut water,yeast etc. Kallappam is an another version of the same inwhich toddy is used for fermentation instead of yeast and sugar. Raw rice                       11/2cup Cooked rice                 1/2cup Coconut                          1/2 Dry […]


Pathiri is a traditional food of the Muslims of kerala.There are many versions of pathiri using rice flour,wheat flour etc.Here is the recipe of the rice pathiri. Ingredients Rice flour           11/2 cup Water                  2 cups Salt                      As per taste Coconut oil      1tsp Method Boil the water.Add salt.To the boiling water add the rice flour and […]

Mutton Varattiyathu

Mutton is an all time favourite of most of the Keralites.During this Ramzan season let me introduce my favourite spicy recipe.Well hope you all will try this and enjoy it. Ingredients Mutton Pieces           500gm Chilly powder            1tbs Coriander Powder   2tbs Turmeric Powder    1/4tsp Pepper powder         1tsp Ginger Pieces             1tsp Garlic Pieces              1tsp Vinegar                        1tbs Potato                           […]