Madhuraseva is a traditional crispy, sweet evening snack mostly preferred by the children.The snack can be preserved for long time without loosing its freshness over months by just storing it in a closed container. Ingredients Besan                              3cup Rice Flour     […]

Chembu – Chemeen (Colocasia-Prawns) Curry

Chembu is a vegetable that is mostly found in almost all the vegetable gardens in the villages of Kerala.This is the time to harvest the vegetable and make delicious currys or puzhukku from it.The season for chemeen had also began now.Now try out this mouthwatering recipe  and you are sure to enjoy it. Ingredients Chembu […]

Tapioca/Kappa Puttu

Kappa or Tapioca is an all time favourite of the Keralites.Kappa pieces can be eaten raw.It can be dried and many favourites items can be made out of it.Kappa can be cooked in different ways.It can be simply cut and cooked with salt known a “Kappa Puzhingiyathu” or “Chendu”.Here iam presenting two cooked varients of […]