Manga Chammanthy (Mango chutney)

Mango chutney is a favourite chutney by all the mango lovers. Ingredients Mango Cubes                     1cup Coconut                               1cup Chilly Powder                    1/2 tsp […]


Sukhiyan or Modakam is an evening snack which is loved by sweet lovers.It is rich in protein since cherupayar is used for the preparation. Ingredients Green Gram(Cherupayar)             1/4kg Jaggery                                         […]

Karimeen Mappas

Ingredients Karimeen                        750gms Mustard Seeds               1tsp Fenugreek seeds           1tsp Small onion                     20 Garlic                   […]

kerala parotta

Parotta has become a favourite dish among the keralites.The recipe is  simple but the process is lengthy.But if you can spend some time over the dish it comes out very well. Now try out this recipe. Ingredents Maida flour           2cups Egg                   […]

Inji Curry/Ginger Curry Onam Sadya

Ingredients:- Ginger grated     -100gm Grated coconut – 3/4 cup Coconut Oil        -To fry Pepper corns    -1/4tsp Tamarind           -Gooseberry sized Grated Jaggery     -1/2 tsp Salt                        – To taste Turmeric powder – 1/2 […]

Ada Payasam/Ada Pradhaman

Ingredients Ada 50g Jaggery 150g Coconut milk 250ml Raisins 25g Cashew nuts 25g Ghee 50ml Cardamom powder 2tbs Coconut ¼ cup Method Boil the ada and remove the water. Boil the jaggery with some water and make a syrup. Strain through a strainer. Coconut milk is to be extracted in two stages.First extract a cup […]

Mango Avial Onam Sadya

INGREDIENTS Raw Mango              250gm Coconut                     Half Turmeric Powder  1/4tsp Chilly Powder          2tsp Green Chilly              5 Jeera                           […]

Chemeen Manga (Prawns Mango)Curry

INGREDIENTS Prawns                    250gm Raw mango           1 big Coconut                   half Green Chilly            5-6 Chilly Powder         1/4tsp Turmeric powder  1/4tsp salt         […]


Undampori is a sweet dish made of wheat flour,sugar and banana.It is a favourite dish which is mostly seen in the village chaya kada. Here is the method to make the dish. Wheat Flour               2 cups Sugar                       […]

Chakka (Jack Fruit) Varattiyathu

In this Jackfruit we can preserve the jackfruit for the next season.Chakka Varattiyathu is a favourite recipe for the kids.This can be eaten along with bread ,chappathi or any item of your desire.We can also make payasam or ada using this.Here is the recipe for making this sweet dish. Ingredients Jackfruit(Chakka) 1kg Jaggery(Sharkara) 200gm Ghee […]