Today let me introduce  you to make laddoos very easily. Being vacation time for kids snacks will be an essential item in almost all the house hold. So let us make laddoo by involving our little ones also to be a part in making their favourite … [Continue reading]

Home made simple cooker cake

 Cake is a dessert that is usually baked. But here is a simple recipe that can be prepared in pressure cooker and loved by all. Ingredients All purpose flour  1cup Powdered sugar   3/4 cup Refined oil     … [Continue reading]

Mutton Biriyani

                Ingredients Mutton                             1kg Biryani rice         … [Continue reading]

Manga Pachadi Video Recipe

      Manga pachadi    … [Continue reading]

Beetroot Pickle

Beetroot is a bit sweet vegetable.If made pickle out of it goes well with Rice or Chappati. Please try out this recipe and have delicious Beetroot Pickle. Ingredients Beetroot                   … [Continue reading]

Potato Bonda

Potatoes can be used to make a variety of dishes. It serves as curry,appetizers,sancks etc.Here is a simple recipe to make potato bondas.               Ingredients Potato     … [Continue reading]

Paal Payasam

Paal Payasam or Rice Kheer is a Kerala Dessert made with sugar,milk and Raw rice. Usually it is prepared during Festive occasions.The Payasam will be slight pink in colour since it is cooked with Unakkalari in milk with slow … [Continue reading]

Mushroom Curry

Mushrooms contain 80-90 percent of water and are very low in calories. They are good source of minerals and are high in anti-oxidants.We can make various dishes with it which includes Biryani,Pulao,Curry,Fry etc.Here is a simple Kerala Style … [Continue reading]